UML Designer

UML Designer 1.2

A small program to draw class diagrams and generate code
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If you are related to UML modeling, you might like UMLStudio. With this simple program you can draw nice UML class diagrams without much effort. Define class attributes and methods, including implementations. Of course you can link classes to build relations like inheritance and association, defining a name, multiplicity (one to one, one to many...) and access type (internal, public or private). Moreover, there is one more interesting feature about this program: the source code generation. You can export the classes as .cs files containing some basic source code, java style. Of course this option would be useful just for java developers rather than conceptual modelers. The user interface is MDI (multiple documents can be opened as tabs) but there is no way to link models (ex. as packages). In my opinion, this tool could be a good starting point for those who are learning about UML modeling, but I'm not sure if it's suitable for medium or large-sized projects, since its usage is very limited. Otherwise it could be very useful for fast diagram generation.

Review summary


  • Simple to use
  • Nice diagrams


  • Very feature-limited
  • Few export options
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